Students Voice


My learning and experience have transformed me from a self-doubting teenager to a confident individual. The exposure I've gained has helped me discover my passion, potential and true value of a team. Leading my team as president has made me confident enough to make choices and take responsibility. "

Aashma Poudel
President, Apex HEAT


Organizing events as a leader, I have learned so many things. Management teaches you to plan and manage resources to bring the best out of everything. Leadership is all about being able to communicate, coordinate, and motivate yourself and your team. Practicing leadership skills has helped me enhance my confidence and personality."

Grishma Poudel
President, Apex Media Club


 As the club president, I learned skills to work in and motivate teams. As an organizer of an annual sports event, leading a team of 30 members, was a great experience for me. I am thankful to the college for providing this sort of exposure to make ourselves ready for the corporate world."

Madan Gaire
President, Apex Sports Club


Leading a club that infuses entertainment in all the events has been the shining moment of my life. I am fortunate to work in a team that is more like a family. Moreover, when you see that big broad smile on everyone's face, you realize your event has been a great success. "

Malika Bomjan Tamang
President, Apex Music and Dance Club


Getting involved in Apex IT Club has helped me excel in creativity and management skills. It's a family that organizes events right along and creates everlasting impact on-and off-campus. Our team always believes that "by looking ahead, we can keep up with and create change in our fast-paced world while staying true to ourselves. "

Manjita Manandhar
President, Apex IT Club


Apex has been a game-changer in boosting my confidence and leadership skill. Leading Tourism club has helped me sort out many obstacles inside and out. I have learned to work in a team, optimize the available resources and develop a mangerial attitude. I am sure it will help me pursue a successful career. "

Srijan Karki
President, Apex Tourism Club


Apex Graduation Evening 2019

Apex Graduation Evening in 29 November 2019.

Venue: Soltee Crown Plaza

Time: 4:00pm