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Student-led Clubs, Events, and Activities

At Apex, you will have an opportunity to be a part of different clubs and events. There are altogether eight different clubs at Apex, each of which is led and managed by students themselves. These clubs engage you in extra-curricular activities that will enrich your mental, physical and social development. You will be encouraged to grow as leaders and will be equipped with the qualities like: the ability to navigate the path, the ability to lead with courage, the ability to further teamwork, the ability to motivate people, the ability to create and nurture relationships, and the ability to act with veracity. You will design all these activities and you will implement them, with our minimum but necessary support.

Latest News

Apex Sports Week 2020

Date: February 9-14, 2020

Venue: CSF Sports Complex, Satdobato 


Apex Graduation Evening 2019

Apex Graduation Evening in 29 November 2019.

Venue: Soltee Crown Plaza

Time: 4:00pm