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Student exchange program – Microfinance in Action (Round 3)

The third iteration of Microfinance in Action, a student exchange workshop, between the students of Apex College, Nepal and Padova University, Italy took place at Apex College from 16 to 20 September. Formally inaugurated by Dr. Harihar Acharya, CEO of Center for Microfinance Nepal (CMF Nepal), Principal of Apex College L P Bhanu Sharma, and Alberto Lanzavecchia, Professor of University of Padova, the inaugural ceremony of the program saw introduction of 9 Apex MBA students and 9 students representing University of Padova in the exchange program. Students then participated in ‘Women Group’ activities at Dalchoki village, Lalitpur on the very first day. On the second day, Prof. Alberto Lanzavecchia made his presentation on socioeconomic situation of Italy, as Bharat Singh Thapa, Deputy Director of MBA Evening at Apex, talked on impact of micro finance through research findings.

Students during the program got an insight on the necessity of balance between financial and social outcome in ensuring that money is rightly invested. Along with a brief exchange of experience of the five-day exchange program, the participants shared their learning from the workshop on the final day. The day also saw a farewell program for students of University of Padova that was wrapped up with a cultural exchange program, amidst other recreational activities. Students of Apex College and Padova University performed showcasing their typical cultures at the event.

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Apex Graduation Evening 2019

Apex Graduation Evening in 29 November 2019.

Venue: Soltee Crown Plaza

Time: 4:00pm

2020-01-18 18:39:27
Apex Graduation Evening 2019

Apex Graduation Evening in 29 November 2019.

Venue: Soltee Crown Plaza

Time: 4:00pm


Apexians successfully concluded Apex Day 2016—annual mega event of Apex

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Graduation evening 2017

Graduation Evening for outgoing undergraduate students was held on February

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APEX Entrepreneurship Development Program 2017

Apex MBA Team organized “Apex Entrepreneurship Development Program” from August

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Handover ceremony and refreshment program

Apex IT Club’s Handover Ceremony and Refreshment Program conducted on

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Hands – on with hololens

With an aim to give students an experience of Holographic

2019-05-26 15:54:01

APEX case study program for decision making

With an aim of developing skills for problem identification, situation

2019-05-26 15:56:43

APEX DAY 2017: Celebrating College Life

Apex College celebrated 17 years of its establishment with the

2019-05-26 16:01:44

Placement interview held for Apex graduates

With an aim to help Apex Graduates peruse their rewarding

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